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Is it too late for adults to learn to swim?


who learn faster adults or children?


Swimming for adults and children

At what age should you learn to swim?

You can start the first strokes at any age. almost immediately after birth. In this case, breastfeeding is undoubtedly useful for the development of a small organism. The same skill, acquired already, approximately from 4 years will never be forgotten.

Undoubtedly, every parent wants to develop this useful life skill in his child.

  To connect the child's life with swimming as with sports is optimal from 6-7 years. If to this age the child already keeps on water - it has competitive advantages before that whom have only given in section.


It's too late for me to learn to swim! Many think so, from adolescents to mature men and women. In fact, to learn how to swim - the main thing is to take the first steps and call the instructor. Swimming training in Astana is not a scarce service. As they say, it would be desire.

  To me it is terribly terrible, I in the childhood sank () a familiar situation? In fact, for various reasons and life situations people do not know how to swim, but at a reasonable age absolutely anyone can learn to swim, thanks to a special technique.


Life experience, vocabulary, elementary concepts of water density and resistance to it - this is a great help in training swimming for adults.

Children - "for simpler" ... and scientific terms and designations may not know. And yet they are not much less trained than adults.

  Sufficiently the slightest attention to what the swimming instructor says and shows and all will turn out. Even if you do not understand how it works.

  An incredibly beautiful feeling of finding a body in the water is still not magic ... that one can do the other. as an adult and a child.

  Attentive and curious to learn faster !!!


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